Ronnie Coleman’s Beta-Stim


Winning Mr Olympia a record eight times was not enough for Ronnie Coleman, who has spent the past few years establishing himself as a winner in the supplement game. Ronnie Coleman’s range is extensive and has been well received both here and internationally. A small brand revamp is being undertaken, including the reformulation of products such as Stacked-N.O. and Beta-Stim as powders. This is significant for Australian consumers as it eases the difficulty importing these products, which we are likely to see pop up on local shelves very soon.

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Highlights

*Fights fat in every way possible

*Diverse ingredients offer both physical and mental support

*Traditional and science-backed ingredients

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Ingredients

Beta-Stim is has an intriguing list of ingredients. Heavily reliant on plant-based extracts, the formulation borrows from a number of natural medicine traditions to produce a multifaceted product that promises various modes of effectiveness. The ingredient list is broken up into two matrices.

The “7-Phase Thermogenic Complex” contains stimulants Acacia rigidula and Higenamine HCl, Nelumbo nucifera which is thought to block fat breakdown and carb absorption, The proprietary iFAS50 blend of Green Tea, Tuber Fleeceflower and Parasitic Loranthus which blocks fatty acid synthesis, and metabolic boosters green coffee and white willow. On top of this, diiodotyrosine can boost thyroid function, dandelion root is a detoxifier and diuretic, and Adhatoda vasica supports lung function.

The “XR Energy and Focus Compound” has a less extensive but no less exotic composition. As in MyoBlitz-XS, long acting XR slow release caffeine is combined with anhydrous caffeine for a long lasting boost. Schizandra is a mental and CNS stimulant that may improve overall wellbeing, Synephrine, or Bitter Orange, is a stimulant that can boost metabolism, and Huperzine A is used to enhance mental performance.

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Pros & Effectiveness

Beta-Stim is a cleverly designed product with an ingredient that supports almost every aspect of cutting, and promises seven distinct modes of action. These range from the conventional, such as thermogenesis, appetite control and energy boosting to less common, like water balance, and improving lung function to boost oxidation. Ronnie Coleman has left no stone unturned in the formulation of this extremely comprehensive fat loss supplement.

The mental aspects of weight loss are too often overlooked by supplement manufacturers. Strong focus and drive are essential factors in achieving goals, and cutting is no exception to this. Anybody who has ever been hungry knows that energy restriction can cause negative mood changes and a frustrating mental fogginess. Beta-Stim contains a number of ingredients that work to counteract these feelings and maintain mood, cognition, and high levels of motivation.

Some of these inclusions are noteworthy – Huperzine A is an increasingly popular and well studied cognitive enhancer that is showing promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and also has proven benefits in young, healthy people, and Pharmasshure SR time release caffeine delivers steady energy over many hours with no peak and crash, and appears to be exclusive to Ronnie Coleman products.

Traditional medicine and herbal supplements are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the weight loss market, and the western scientific community is starting to take notice, too. In formulating Beta-Stim, Ronnie Coleman has chosen a number of ingredients with a long history of use in various natural medicine traditions. The ingredients of the proprietary iFAS50 complex provide a good example of this. All three ingredients are commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote weight loss. Western scientists are currently studying all three compounds, which they have found to be strong inhibitors of an enzyme called fatty acid synthase which is implicated in obesity, and there is preliminary scientific evidence that ingestion of these ingredients causes a reduction in body mass. Ronnie Coleman has made a solid choice by including these and other such ingredients that have a long history of traditional use.

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Cons

Beta-Stim has a unique and exciting list of ingredients, but unfortunately Ronnie Coleman has not disclosed the amounts of each ingredient present in the formula, which makes it impossible to know whether this supplement is well-dosed. In addition, many ingredients used in Beta-Stim are plant extracts. We do not know whether these extracts are standardised to a particular active ingredient, nor do many of these ingredients have a recommended dosage.

Adhatoda vasica is an odd inclusion for a fat burner. It is included under the premise that its bronchodilatory effects will promote a higher level of blood oxygen, which will assist fat oxidation. Expanding the airways may help during high intensity exercise or an asthma attack, but it is not going to burn extra fat. It is only a very ill person who would experience a depressed metabolism as a result of low oxygen. This lapse in judgement stands out against an otherwise well formulated ingredient list.


Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Taste & Mixability

The ingredients in Beta-Stim are not likely to taste great – many stimulants and plant extracts have a bitter taste. Ronnie Coleman have a reputation for innovative flavouring, so it is very likely that Beta-Stim will be a well flavoured and palatable product. Beta-Stim is likely to dissolve relatively well, but plant ingredients do sometimes leave behind an insoluble residue.

Ronnie Coleman Beta-Stim Verdict

This is a very comprehensive product that combines a large number of ingredients that help the body burn fat in a wide variety of ways. The majority of the ingredients are well chosen, and many have scientific evidence attesting to their efficacy. The fact this product is being reformulated for a new market speaks of its success overseas – this is something we’re looking forward to trying.



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